Booger Sugar

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What in the world is booger sugar?

P Diddy goes on a drunk rant during the Golden Globes because he probably didn’t want to be there. Bono disses P Diddy during a hug at the awards. Nelson hates Bono FOR SURE!

Actor Idris Elba the first ‘black Bond’ or not(rumour shut down)…..that’s too bad!

N and N share their man crush over Bill Burr and the Monday Morning Podcast

You spend tons of years working for a company, and you resign instead retiring and they won’t even buy you cake. We are just a corporate number at the end of the day. Buy that person a cake! Escape your cubicle.

Make sure when you visit the grocery store, you count all your items before you go into the express lane otherwise all hell might break loose.

We try to figure out why it’s difficult for Canadians to think big when it comes to marketing, advertising, entertainment, sports, and music. Why can’t Canadians go big.

Nelson tells a thrilling and revealing story about how he split his pants wide open in front of about 50 curlers. By the way, the sport of curling is a fantastic sport. You should all try it, even though there is a serious risk of exposing yourself during the game.

Vitor Perreira loses his mind during a post game press conference in Qatar. John Tortorella loses his mind during the pre-game, 1st period, and 1st intermission of Vancouver vs. Calgary. We love hot headed coaches.

Seattle Seahawks shut down corner and self appointed best corner in the league – Richard Sherman rant and the NFL playoffffffs? playofffffffs? playoffffffs?

Who is Anthony Calvillo?

Rob Ford report: Video of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford drunk and speaking Jamaican Patois, why Rob Ford is a chameleon.

Know Buddies take a couple listener emails.

“in a sky full of people only some want to fly, in a world full of people only some want to fly ain’t that crazy”

Enjoy “Crazy’ – Seal



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