Rob Ford

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Notorious B.I.G 17 years after his passing and we can’t believe it has been that long.
The inconvenience of renewing your license plate and the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.

The great 80’s music debate

Lucky Stiff: Dead Man in Mortuary Impregnates Woman

Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius trial: Jaw-dropping testimony evidence

NHL Rich Peverley collapses during the game:
Does the fact Rich Peverley wanted to keep playing make hockey players tougher than others?

Review of Bill Burr at Massey Hall

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was well off-course

Liam Neeson’s new movie Non Stop

New Zealand’s flag represents a country that no longer exists

El Salvador vote recount under way as both candidates claim victory

Rob Ford guest on Jimmy Kimmel Nelson and Neil call him and invite him on the show.

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look out next week for @Kevinbartini terrific comic from NYC



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