What is Fat Shaming?

Tweet: Just listened to another fantastic podcast by The Know Buddies. These guys are funny ish. Check them out. http://ctt.ec/kEi9Z+ #somebody

Lorde’s latest single Team sends us off into episode #11

Neil and Nelson reminisce about growing up and being classed into a genre of music.  Turns out today, they enjoy all music.

Check out Youtube Westjet Christmas Miracle video

Victoria Secret Holiday Special review.

Is it ever appropriate to take a Selfie at a funeral?  US President doesn’t seem to think it’s a little much.

Sign language expert hired for Nelson Mandela’s funeral turns out to be a fraud and schizophrenic. Jimmy Kimmel brings on actual expert to interpret what was actually said….you’ll find his translation hilarious.

If you got it….flaunt it……or don’t.  You could be Fat Shaming!?!??

Amazon going postal, Canada Post is not……

Lots of laughs and the latest news and controversy, so tune in alright!



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