Real Professional Femdoms Of Toronto

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Lady Azelle is back on the show as a guest, but this time she brought 3 good friends. The 4 of them comprise the Ladies of the Ludus, a gorgeous group of professional dominatrixes located in Toronto Ontario. is where you can find them to book a session with your favourite professional femdom in Toronto.

Nelson met with these Ladies for a special mobile podcast. The Know Buddies Podcast episode 177 pulls no punches. These 4 professional femdoms from Toronto, Lady Azelle, Lady Delphine, Madame Dusk, and Miss Ava Rose, tell all. A behind the scenes look at real life as a dominant woman.

We discuss their favourite types of sessions, most unusual item a client has ingested, origins of their dominant ways and we break down the stereo types of the bdsm world.

Miss Ava Rose shares with us how she was first exposed to the kink world. And what truly matters more than size.

Lady Azelle discusses what it’s like to experience Domme Space.

Madame Dusk tells us about her vanilla colleagues who wish they could also have their personal sandwich delivery boy.

Lady Delphine talks about tying up her classmates as a child and eating snacks while they watch. She seems innocent, but she giggles when she causes you pain.

We end off with a revisit to a classic game Lady Azelle and I played when she first came on our show. Porn Star or My Little Pony.



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